The Fresh and Healthy Vending Initiative

Healthy choices don’t have to be inconvenient. Fresh Healthy Philly is on a mission to offer healthy, natural alternatives to junk food, all at the touch of a button. Instead of reaching for a candy bar, they can grab a granola bar or fruit smoothie. Instead of munching on a bag of unhealthy chips laden with saturated fat and calories, they can opt for delicious Pop Chips or Kettle Chips.

About the Owner of Fresh Healthy Philly

Dan McClave

Dan McClave is the owner of Fresh Healthy Philly, a franchisee of Fresh Healthy Vending out of San Diego, CA. They provide healthy, all-natural, organic snacks through state-of-the-art vending machines. Fresh Healthy Philly is concentrating its efforts to place machines in schools, corporations, fitness centers and gymnastics/dance/cheer academies as well as other public venues in the Philadelphia area.

Dan’s professional background has been as an executive in the Automotive Industry for the past 19 years. He worked in Engineering, Operations Management, and Product Development and also lived abroad while leading his former company’s European Division. His last position was that of Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. He has a degree in Engineering and also holds a MBA from Drexel University. He and his family live an active, healthy lifestyle which aligns with the concept of Fresh Healthy Philly.  Dan completed a successful high school and collegiate football career as a quarterback, and today competes in sprint distance triathlons as well as other active pursuits. Dan’s past career in business combined with his passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle led him to launch Fresh Healthy Philly.

Dan believes that providing access to healthy snacks can help fight the obesity problem in children and adults. By placing healthy vending machines where we spend most of our time, we can be more proactive and deliberate about making better choices. Dan recently commented “I have 3 young kids, and it’s important for my wife and me to educate them on the importance of eating healthy. However, the battle against junk food really heats up when they are at school or their other activities. Fresh Healthy Vending provides them the opportunity to eat nutritious snacks that they enjoy.”

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